Orthopedists at Clínica do Joelho e Ombro are specialized in the treatment of patients with these two areas pathologies, using the most advanced techniques currently available.

Its scope of action extends from degenerative pathology treatment, including all types of arthrosis, through traumatology, namely sports traumatology, with all its specificities.

The most frequent pathologies are: in the shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and instabilities; in the knee, ruptures of the meniscus, ligaments and cartilage injuries.

The evolution has been felt especially in mini-invasive surgery techniques, using high definition arthroscopy, biocompatible implants and adjuvated by factors to improve local biology. Only in this way it is possible to provide less painful postoperative periods, easier rehabilitation, with faster sports recovery.

In osteoarthritis treatment, the use of state-of-the-art implants allows us to expect better functional results and durability to be around 20 years.

The collaboration between all clinicians that integrate this group's allows us to optimize the services we provide to patients who come to us for differentiated treatment.

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