Pain Management Consultation

Pain management, whether it is chronic or acute pain, is essential for the patients’ well-being.
Many conditions are difficult to treat with traditional medical practices, e.g. muscle trigger points or algodystrophic syndromes, and require specific therapeutic approaches that only a Pain Management consultation can provide. 
In addition, most knee and shoulder surgeries may be performed without general anaesthesia, using locoregional anaesthesia instead, which is safer and provides more postoperative comfort. In order to do that, specific training and knowledge are also needed so that personalised protocols and techniques may be provided in each case. 
It is during this stage that we prepare the patient for the postoperative period, implanting the catheters through which pain relief medication will be administered in the days following the procedure. This will reduce the recovery period since it allows the implementation of active mobilisation programs. These treatments are considered essential, not only for elderly patients with degenerative pathologies but also for high-performance athletes with trauma-related injuries.