Teresa Barbosa - Anaesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologist  | OM 39081
Doctor specialised in Anesthesia since 2007.
Anaesthetist assistant at Hospital S.João, Porto
She is part of the acute pain management unit which provides postoperative care through locoregional techniques such as: epidural anesthesia, brachial plexus block, peripheral nerve blocks and differential techniques (e.g. PCA).
She usually anaesthetises thoracic surgery and urology patients, and is also part of the Organ Transplantation and Post-Anesthetic Unit. 
She was a member of the Intensive and Neurocritical Care Unit and, within the area of Emergency Medicine, has worked with INEM (emergency medical assistance) and in an intra-hospital resuscitation program.
She currently operates on general and obstetric emergency (labour analgesia and C-section anaesthesia).
She is also part of the pre- and post-graduate medical training programs. 
She supervises junior doctors' complementary internships (3 to 6 years) in Anaesthesiology. 
She has been a monitor for “Fundamental Critical Care Support” courses. 
Internship at Hospital da Prelada and IPO Porto (further training in locoregional anaesthesia).